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is there anything i can do to improve how i play lee? let me know!

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_NAME: kari
_PLURK: [ profile] wonderfullyworthy
_AGE: 23

_CANON: Naruto
_CANON POINT: Chapter 699
_TANAGURA (elite) OR MIDAS (mongrel)?: midas
_HOUSING PREFERENCE: mistral park, maybe?

_HISTORY: here!


In the Naruto world, Rock Lee is a diamond in the rough. He doesn't get as much screentime as he (and many other side-characters) deserve, so it's kind of hard to describe all he can do in full detail. It may seem easy, but there's a lot more to Lee other than 'he can throw a kick or two'.

While majority of the shinobi community can use ninjutsu (special ninja techniques) or genjutsu (illusion-based techniques), Lee can't use any of those. It's not sure whether or not something inside of him wasn't developed right; all we know is that no matter how hard he tries, ninjutsu and genjutsu cannot come to him. All Lee can use is taijutsu, which is hand-to-hand techniques. To make it a little less confusing if it is, Lee is like the ninjas outside of Naruto who solely relies on weapons and other forms of karate.

To make himself equal to a normal shinobi and even beyond, Lee has pushed himself to the absolute maximum. Through years of intense training, he's able to run at extremely fast speeds, to the point where others see him as a blur. Lee can make giant cracks through boulders through his punches and kicks, topple trees, and make others sail hundreds of yards away through the force of his blows. And that's without removing his leg weights.

When he does remove those weights, though...

Lee uses old fashioned leg weights to help train, and only removes them during special situations. There's no exact weight, but when he drops them, it usually creates a huge crater in the ground and kicks up a lot of dust! Removing them not only enhances his abilities, but takes his enemies by surprise. Lee is judged fairly early when others see him for the first time, so when he sits down leg weights that creates little earthquakes, they're usually taken aback. When there's nothing to keep him down, Lee's speed is multiplied tenfold.

If worse comes to worse, Lee has the ability to open up some of the Eight Inner Gates. The Eight Gates are special chambers inside of the body that controls chakra, which is a mold of physical and spiritual energy. The Gates put limits on how much chakra is used, and how far the body pushes itself. When one of the Gates are opened, the body is released from that restriction. The Gate of Opening allows the muscles to release 100% of their power. The second gate refreshes the body. From the third Gate on, their appearance changes drastically...and so does the wear on the user. The more you use the Gates, the more your muscles tear and disintegrate.

There's some good to the Gates, albeit temporary. The more Gates Lee opens, the stronger his attacks become and the quicker he moves. Each technique he uses after advancing a Gate becomes more complex and more destructive.
First Gate - Primary Lotus
Third Gate - Hidden Lotus
Sixth Gate - Morning Peacock
Seventh Gate - Daytime Tiger
Eighth Gate - Evening Elephant and Night Gai

(although he can open up 6 gates, lee has never been shown to use the morning peacock)
There are eight Gates total. By The Last movie, we know that Lee can open up to six total. If he were to open all eight Gates, he would have more power than all of the Kage's combined.

Unfortunately, there's a terrible consequence to opening all eight. The user will inevitably die. The body becomes so headed your blood evaporates all around you, and your internal organs lose the energy to function. Lee is very aware of this, but uses the Gates without hesitation if he needs to.

Rock Lee is the perfect reason why you should never judge a book by its cover. Many doubt Lee by his appearance, but he packs a punch that could send you through the roof. And maybe a mile or two in the air.

Rock Lee is this shining star in Naruto that, unfortunately, is set to the side. Just light his fighting styles, and his attire, his personality has the opportunity to outshine those around him, whether or not it's intended. It's funny because such a character in the Naruto verse is fun, but it's also a little sad that he doesn't get too much screentime.

There are many ways to describe Lee. One thing he absolutely strives to be called is a *~NICE GUY!~* If you always give your promises with a thumbs up and a smile that literally shines, you are well on your way to being the Nice Guy. This was drilled into his brain by none other than Gai-sensei, and has stuck with him for years to come.

One of the things Lee is most noted for is his politeness. He is very mannerly; when honor is due, he will give it. This can actually come in handy, as his opponents could see this as a sign of weakness. They think that he doesn't have enough willpower or strength, so people never really think twice about speaking their opinion on him, even if Lee's right there to hear. Lee is a lot stronger than he looks, so he can easily take those first opinions as an advantage.

Lee never swears, or calls anyone by a wrong title. He uses the simple things like mr. and mrs, please and thank you. In the english dubs, Lee doesn't even use contractions; instead of 'don't' or 'can't' he'll say 'do not' or 'cannot'. If there was a grandma nearby who needed help crossing the road, he would be there to give her a hand across the street and back home. Even when it comes to enemies, Lee will be as polite as he can be. Majority of the time, that niceness doesn't exactly last too long.

Honor is a very important thing for Lee. It's his belief that honor is one of the things that should be noted first off, and must be given as necessary. He will expect others to be grateful to his friends and his teachers, and strictly voices his opinion if they don't. If anyone says anything bad or calls down on a comrade, Lee gets very angry and immediately steps up to protect them. Rank, age, it doesn't make a difference to him. It's almost impossible to think that everyone in the world will automatically have respect for everyone, but it's something that he expects.

One of the most interesting things about Lee is him not being able to hold a grudge. When he was about 13, he entered the Chunin Exams and went against a fellow shinobi named Gaara. It was a very long and difficult fight, and Lee landed himself in critical condition. To add insult to injury, Gaara crushed his left leg and arm, resulting in an injury so severe that it ended his ninja career. Despite much pain and suffering and a very risky surgery later, Lee was able to continue his career as a ninja. As they both matured and saw each other time later, Lee told Gaara up front that despite the exams and his injuries, he wouldn't hold a grudge against him. In future chapters, it becomes obvious that they respect each other for their abiliti.

He's also noted for being one of the most hyperactive characters in Naruto as well. Lee is a very high-spirited ninja with unlimited energy, whose hopes and dreams couldn't ever be crushed. He works very hard to defend his own ninja way, and to become stronger and stronger than he was the day before. He dedicates himself to this a million times over, and always encourages others to do the same.

Lee is unique through and through; while most can use ninjutsu or genjutsu, he can only use taijutsu. While in the series it seems very hard to make through your career with all three abilities, Lee has put enough hard work and dedication into his training to where ninjutsu and genjutsu are unneeded. As he continues to train, Lee's abilities make him as strong and reliable as the strongest ninja. It was pure motivation and courage that made Lee become who he was, and he only continues to get stronger by the day. Lee's ninja way is to prove that he could be a splendid ninja without ninjutsu or genjutsu, and he has openly stated that he would die trying to protect his word.

That enthusiasm of his can easily be a double-edged sword, though. While Lee loves to train and work hard, he has a tendency to push himself to the limit and beyond. It's more often than not when he eventually collapses from exhaustion, or hurts himself in the process. After this, he's told to take it easy for a week or two...and then he sulks.

Although Lee is dedicated and passionate, he can get easily depressed as well. Being beaten by an opponent or being held off from training can easily dampen his mood, and sometimes he makes it rather obvious. While others see it as a defeat in training or a good way for his body to relax, Lee won't see it that way. Things quickly spiral to negative when events like this happen.

More often than not, Lee will continue to push himself, warnings be damned. Because of his hours of relentless training, he has gained impressive muscle memory. It's been shown in anime and manga that Lee can be completely unconscious, yet his body still moves him. He's run while sleeping, fought off enemies after being knocked out from an electric shock, and even rose to fight after suffering through massive muscle tears, and having his left limbs crushed.

When Lee wants something, he tries as hard as he can to achieve it. This has bitten him badly enough to where he threatened his own career as a ninja, however. After the Chunin Exams, he was recognized for this. At the beginning though, most people saw it as a sacrifice that nobody else would dare to take.

Lee is one of the characters in Naruto where you think very little of him, until he shines and proves what he can do to earn your respect. When he was first introduced to the main characters, he was degraded and thought of as creepy because of his eyebrows and attire. Lee knew very well that he wasn't Sasuke at all; while people flaunted over him, Lee was kind of left in the dust. Although he's talented, he gets flustered when he receives compliments. He's silly and goofy and a great teammate, but being in intimate situations or around a love interest makes him rather insecure. Lee stumbles and stammers and doubts himself. 

When he trains and can't real a goal, he will add a 'punishment' to his training routine. If Lee can't do something, no matter how simple it is, he makes himself do thousands of things, from leg squats to crunches, to pushups using his thumbs. To majority of the ninjas in this series, his technique is insane and a little suicidal. But it helps Lee become stronger, while he takes the time to figure out ways to prevent making the same mistake again.

He's also very goofy. Lee doesn't have a dislike for any food, calls himself and his teacher 'Nice Guys'. No matter the climate, he always carries around a second green jumpsuit for anyone who would be interested, and treats his teacher's words like God. He'll even carry around a little notebook to scribble notes and things, though he never actually reviews them (he's usually fighting whoever he's taken notes on). He's also forbidden from drinking anything with a hint of alcohol, since he becomes hilariously rude and aggressive.

Despite his faults, Rock Lee is one of the greatest ninjas that the Naruto series has to offer. His personality is spit-shiny clean, and considers what a ninja does to make his performance the greatest it could be.

* konoha flak jacket and red headband/belt/whatever it is
* two green jumpsuits, one extra
* leg pouch
* leg weights
* medicine



[ It takes Lee a little while to get the hang of this. Big black eyes look into the camera for a few moments, before he finally realizes what he's doing and pulls the device away. Lee blinks, and gives the viewers a smile.

He knows what he's doing. Promise.

Lee doesn't use this thing very often; he tries not to. If it's not written with ink on paper, he prefers to talk to the person face-to-face. Seeing someone up front and personal was something he desired much more nowadays, considering...well, what you had to do around here. It made things a little less awkward, in his opinion. Especially since he was a kind-of awkward guy sometimes.

And then there was his social position. But those in Tanagura would listen to this, right?

...right? ]

Good evening! [ Lee bows his head respectfully. ] Forgive me, I do not use this very often. If you have not seen me, my name is Rock Lee.

I am missing something rather important to me! It is a red forehead protector, with a metal plate in the middle. There is a symbol in the middle that has a swirl in the middle, with a triangle sticking out at an end. [ A+ description, for a ninja. ] If you were to find this or have it in your possession, I will politely ask for it back.

That comes from my village back home, and it is one of the only things I have to remember it by. [ He grows a little more sullen, but Lee tries to not let it show. ] Thank you for listening. I hope to hear from you soon. [ He bows his head again, and turns the feed off. ]


Lee could not believe the position he was in.

He was above her on the bed, gazing at her in amazement. Her eyes watched him carefully, studying his face. Lee knew he was. Because he was kind of doing the same for her, so she was probably doing this to him too, right? His head was full of bees, his stomach filled with butterflies and his entire body throbbing with pleasure.

Lee was...a stranger to sex. When urges grew a little too great, he always had his own hand to satisfy his needs. But never before did he have someone nearby, moaning his name when he touched her. His hands never roamed over a woman's body, never before teasing her mound and rubbing her clit. Lee had only dreamed of a moment like this, with his cock hard in his hands, hips bucking wildly into his own touch. He watched her carefully, repeating the same actions when her face revealed her pleasure, and when her moans started to escalate. Lee continued on, while in constant fear of screwing this entire moment up.

One thing that had frightened him straight off the bat was his own self image. Lee felt embarrassed when his outfit was finally removed, only to glide down to the floor. He was tone, and he was tan, sure. But his body was riddled with bruises and scars, proof of his ninja career. His left leg and arm were the worst, covered completely in shiny scar tissue. But she didn't seem to mind at all; her hands glided over his skin, kissing and sucking and look where he was now.

He positioned his cock against her pussy, closing his eyes and biting his lip as the head popped in. He couldn't help but rotate his hips, his body screaming for him to push into the warmth and fuck it silly. But Lee absolutely refused, waiting as she adjusted to him. There was no way he would continue if this was painful for her in any way.

Lee wanted to be with her. He wanted them to truly be together, moving in unison. In nothing but pleasure for these next few minutes.

It felt like ages, but he was finally in to the hilt, dizzy with pleasure. Lee carefully moved his hips around, slowly creating a rhythm. He started to pull out, only to push back in around the ridge. A languid moan escaped him, his hips twitching. She was warm, and wet, her walls gripping against his cock. He opened his eyes lazily to look at her, smiling when he saw her eyes closed and her mouth open. She started to moan with him, and Lee allowed himself to quicken.

He steadied himself enough to rub at her clit with one hand, his hips starting to buck faster and faster. A hot warmth started to pool in his belly as Lee thrust into her harder, faster. He could feel himself throbbing within her, numbing pleasure starting from the tip of his cock and starting to echo down to his toes. She yelled his name, and she squeezed around him when Lee came, shooting his load inside.

His hand had been fine, sure. But this? This...



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